The majority of food poisoning, as well as intestinal infections, the growth of which is traditionally observed in the summer season, can be avoided by adhering to the basic rules of hygiene and food processing. This opinion was expressed by chief physician of the Kyiv City Health Center Otto Stoika at a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"In summer we observe a traditional surge of intestinal diseases, especially in the organized children's groups, such as kindergarten, school, children's camps," he said.

Stoika noted that most diseases are caused by the massive salmonella, whose bacteria can not survive in boiling of more than 20-30 minutes.

That is why, the doctor stressed, it is extremely important to observe the temperature regime while cooking.

"The most dangerous food is meat and dairy products. When buying dairy products, always pay attention to the date. As for meat, it is important to cook it properly, in a well-warmed oven, buy only fresh meat, fry, boil for at least an hour," the doctor said.

According to him, many cases of poisoning occur because of water, particularly swimming in dirty water bodies.

As for drinking water, the doctor said, then it is better to drink boiled or bottled water. "And, of course, the basic rules of hygiene - wash hands well, wash the dishes, all the vegetables and fruits. Adhering to these rules, you can avoid most of the poisoning," he concluded.


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