Unscrupulous Ukrainian politicians use anti-Semitism to, president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress Boris Fuksman told ForUm.

"World history has confirmed the fact that the level of xenophobia and intolerance in any state increases in times of economic crisis. Ukraine is not an exception. Today, the economy of the country is not in the best condition for a whole set of reasons, and if so, level of intolerance and xenophobia, unfortunately, grows up. Different countries have their own object of bad feelings. For example, in Russia the main object of everyday xenophobia are natives of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Bad feelings towards them largely supplanted the traditional anti-Semitism in this country. In Ukraine Judeophobia still remains one of the main components of xenophobia. Dishonest politicians use that," he said.

According to Fuksman, since the time when the Svoboda Party has occupied the majority seats in regional councils in a number of western regions of Ukraine, there is no improvement in people's lives. In such cases, politicians are trying to divert people's attention from the really important issues, offering him to discuss how to call Jews or to find out the nationality of MPs. Of course, these events are not favorable for inter-ethnic and inter-confessional peace in Ukraine," he said.

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