The West has financial leverages over the countries of Eastern Europe, in particular, in issue of relations between power and the opposition. This opinion was expressed by political scientist and director of the sociological service "Ukrainian Barometer" Viktor Nebozhenko in comments to ForUm correspondent.

"Twenty minutes after the announcement of the verdict to Navalny, Russian bourses and government securities fell, Russia lost about $ 9 billion," he stressed.

Nebozhenko recalled that a similar situation was observed in 2008, when Russia was at war with Georgia. "The fact is, the West has financial leverage over the situation in Eastern Europe - Russia, Ukraine. They easily, without fear of the consequences, forced Putin to release Navalny (since blogger is clearly not worth $ 9 billion). This situation shows that the West might do the same with us," the analyst added.

 However, the expert noted that there is no such person as Russian blogger Alexei Navalny among the Ukrainian opposition politicians.


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