Members of the Volyn Regional Council condemned resolution of the Polish Parliament
regarding the Volyn tragedy of 1943.

64 deputies of 65 registered in the session hall voted for adoption of the relevant appeal at meeting of the 20th session.

Appeal is addressed to the central authorities, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the Polish consulate.

In particular, the document states: "We, the members of the Volyn regional council, condemn anti-Ukrainian chauvinist resolution adopted by the Senate and Sejm of the Republic of Poland on the events of 1943 in Volyn. Calling the actions of Ukrainians, who were fighting at their ethnic territory for their own independence against a variety of invaders, "ethnic cleansing with genocidal features" Poles questioned the fundamental right of every people to self-determination and resistance against aggressors.

"In a statement, the Senate has no answer as to why the Polish military forces "fought for their country in the territories, which had never been the Polish ones," they added.

The statement does not recall the Ukrainians, killed by soldiers of Polish military organizations during the confrontation of the 1940s. It does not contain condemnation of the deportation of Ukrainians within the Wisla operation for the sake of artificially altering the ethnic composition of certain areas, which was organized by the official authorities of Poland," the appeal of the Volyn Council members says. "It is important to understand that there is no uniform view of a shared traumatic experience of Ukraine and Poland. One should have a human nobility and political vision to step over the historical and personal injustice, and, instead of vengeance, to come to forgiveness and reconciliation," the document says.


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