Poland's main legislative chamber, the Sejm, at its meeting on Friday refused to call the Volyn tragedy - Polish-Ukrainian conflict – as "genocide" of the Poles.

The appropriate amendment in this case was supported by only 212 votes of 231 needed for its adoption. 222 deputies out of 437 voted against and three abstained. The Polish Sejm also did not support the amendment, by which some members wanted to establish July 11 as Day of Remembrance of the Volyn tragedy victims. It was supported by 178 deputies, 259 deputies voted against.

Representative of the Civic Platform Party Robert Tyszkiewicz, which represented a compromise version of the Volyn tragedy case, said that the commission has decided to abandon the establishment of Memorial Day because in reality Polish residents suffered not only in Volyn. He recalled that many Poles suffered from the Soviet Union, which attacked Poland on September 17, 1939. Before voting, foreign minister of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski spoke before the deputies of the Sejm, and urged them "not to escalate the position in the Volyn tragedy”, recalling that five years ago, the Polish Parliament recognized the events as "ethnic cleansing". He noted that since that time in fact, nothing has changed and noted that "the more acute wording" adversely affects the prospects of Ukraine's European integration.

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