Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that the law enforcement system needs radical reforming.

"This tragedy, of course, is not the result of some random coincidence. Unfortunately, it once again tells us that we need fundamental reform of the law enforcement system," the Prime Minister posted on Facebook, commenting on events in Vradiyivka.
According to him, glitches in the police system have begun long since.

"For more than 30 years ago, a KGB colonel was brutally murdered by police officers at a Moscow subway station. Even then, this episode showed that the system required a very serious reform. However, over 30 years, this system has been only cosmetically changed, and this case, like many others, suggests that it requires a very serious reform," Azarov said.

However, he expressed confidence that the reform will be carried out: "It will be based, of course, on both professional and public oversight of law enforcement." In addition, the Prime Minister expressed his sympathy for the victim and her family. He promised that the women is and will be provided all the necessary assistance.



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