MP from the Party of Regions Hanna Herman demanded to summon heads of the Interior Ministry, the Security Service of Ukraine, the General Prosecutor’s Office to Parliament tomorrow to ask them put an end to political extremism in Ukraine.

"Very dangerous political processes appear in Ukraine. Today, extremists from the Svoboda faction broke down the door of the KCSA. So was done in 1933: first extremists broke into the government buildings, then in homes of people, taking them to concentration camps. After that, someone else will say that there is no extremism in Ukraine? Heads of law enforcement agencies should be summoned to Parliament to ask them bring political extremists round," she told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

In turn, leader of Svoboda faction Oleh Tyahnybok noted that his fellow party members did not broke the door out. "KCSA held the last session of the. Deputies from the All-Ukrainian Union ‘Svoboda” were not allowed entering KCSA. They did not break the door, they took it off, enter the building and put it back. "


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