Practical implementation of the interstate commitments assumed by Ukraine under the agreement on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms has entered its final stage.

This was stated by President Viktor Yanukovych during a launch of the installation for the disposal of empty shells of rocket engines on the basis of the state enterprise of the scientific and production association Pavlohrad Chemical Plant, Ukrinform reports.

"Thanks to the cooperation with our American partners, the industrial complex with a full cycle of processing propellant and rocket engine casing has been created at the Pavlohrad chemical plant.
Today, we can confidently say that the practical implementation of interstate commitments made by Ukraine under the agreement on the reduction and limitation of strategic arms has entered its final stage," the head of state said.

According to him, it is symbolic that the removal and disposal of fuel and missile engine casing is now carried out at the Pavlohrad Chemical Plant, which in Soviet times produced fuel for such missiles.

The new plant will make it possible to eliminate by 2016 all the motor cases of the intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-22, made of a composite material. The waste to be generated in the course of disposal of rocket fuel will also be eliminated, and thus Ukraine will finally complete the disposed of propellant in accordance with its international obligations.

The total cost of the installation is 150 million UAH. Funds for this object were allocated by the U.S. on the basis of protocol decisions taken during the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and the United States in 2010.

In the early 1990s, Ukraine pledged to eliminate in its territory all the intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-22. The Pavlohrad chemical plant was defined as the basic company to carry out the effort.



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