Ukraine and Finland will enhance cooperation in agriculture, first deputy agrarian policy and food minister of Ukraine Ivan Bisiuk and members of the parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Finland agreed yesterday. In particular, the parties discussed the possibility of cooperation in fishing industry, forestry, as well as in production of biofuels.

Yesterday's meeting was held within the framework of the first visit to Ukraine of the representatives of the Finnish Parliament, in particular the committee on agriculture. Bisiuk expressed hope that the meeting will give another positive momentum for the development of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Finland in the agricultural sector.

"Our countries are reliable partners, but we would like to strengthen cooperation. In particular, Ukraine is interested in the implementation of investment projects in fishery, particularly in field of crayfishing. Finland also has a positive experience of sustainable forest management, so we are interested in the joint implementation of the project of technical assistance. In addition, Ukraine is interested in analysis of the status and prospects for the production of biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas and other alternative fuels and alternative energy sources, existing in Finland," Bisiuk added.

The members of the Finnish delegation supported the initiative of Ukraine and expressed hope for the implementation of the plans.


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