Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Markiyan Malsky ruled out that the Parliament of Poland will pass a resolution on recognition of activities of the OUN and the UPA Ukrainian nationalist military units as criminal activity.

"I am absolutely convinced that the attempts of some political forces in Poland to transfer the issue of Volyn events in the political arena, especially giving them anti-Ukrainian nature, will not enjoy support of the parliamentary majority," he said.

According to the ambassador, Ukrainian and Polish parties understand that the conflicts of the past should define the relationship between the two countries neither in the present nor in the future.

Malsky recalled that since Ukraine gained independence, a difficult process of truthful evaluation of the common history of Poland and Ukraine, the process of reconciliation between the Ukrainian and Polish peoples has began.

He noted that in 1997 there was adopted a joint statement of the Presidents of Ukraine and Poland "Towards understanding and unity," and in 2003 - a joint document of historical reconciliation, a compromise was reached in opening the memorial "Lviv eaglets”, monument to those killed in the village of Pavlokoma (Poland), and a memorial in Bykivnia (Kyiv).

"We have to take care of the existing achievements of our people toward understanding and integration," Malsky added.

The Ambassador emphasized that the memory of the historical past should not be a tool for the destruction of the previous developments


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