Head of the department for climate research and long-term weather forecasts of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Hydrometeorology Vazira Martazinova explained the reason for heavy snowfalls in Ukraine.

Explaining the reasons for the anomalous March snowfall, Martazinova noted that there are so-called volatile "heat strips" in the atmospheric circulation.

"This is not nothing but a release of heat from the earth. When the strip is closed, the cyclone is released and begins to move. There are both moving and persistent cyclones. The latter, which are located along the heat stripes, block the moving ones.

What occurred on the days of snowfall? Cyclone from the south went through the territory of Ukraine and came to the east, where a very powerful heat strip blocked it. It turned out that all Ukraine was under its influence," she said.

Meanwhile, according to the expert, heavy rains and dry days are expected in summer.
"Unstable temperature will remain throughout the summer. There will be heavy rainfall and very hot days. Typically, hot days will remain mostly in the eastern Ukraine, while the western part of the country is "floating". This is our current climate," meteorologist noted.

As for subsequent winters, then, according to Martazinova, "There will be winters with severe frosts. Such snowfalls will repeat. Accordingly, we should be ready for them," she concluded.


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