It will get warmer next weekend in Ukraine, director of the Ukrainian Hydrometereological Centre Mykola Kulbida told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"On March 30 - April 1, the warm atmospheric front will move through the western and the northern regions of Ukraine, and cause precipitation first in the form of wet snow and then changing into rain. However, the amount of precipitation will be small. Starting from 30 March, increase in temperature is expected in Ukraine," he said.

According to Kulbida, first, warm spell will come to the West and South. On April 1-2, warming will spread to the whole territory of Ukraine.

Mykola Kulbida stressed that the warming will be gradual. "There will be no sharp rise in temperature, except in the south of Ukraine where there is almost no snow. temperatures can reach 10-15 ° above zero. At the same time, in the areas, where there is a lot of snow, the maximum temperature will be -3 ° to -8 °,” Kulbida noted.

In commentary to ForUm correspondent director of the Ukrainian Hydrometereological Centre said that in Kyiv this week, temperatures at night will be -13 ° to -15 °, and in the afternoon - 3 ° to 5 °. At the same time Kulbida said that snowfall in the capital is no longer expected. "Slight snow changing into rain is expected in Kyiv only on March 30," he concluded.


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