The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has published the program on enhancing economic development for 2013-2014.

The program was approved by the government on February 27.

"This program is developed to introduce new approaches to the modernization of priority sectors of the economy for the next two years to enhance its development," the text says.

The economic reform program for 2010-2014 "Rich society, competitive economy, effective state" proposed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych provides the implementation of structural changes in the economic and social lives of the country by improving the efficiency of public administration, modernization of basic sectors of the economy and creating a favorable economic environment for the development of business and private initiative.

"Implementation of this program must speed the development of priority sectors of the economy, promote positive structural changes in the economy, diversify and reduce the energy intensity of production. Activation of national economic development will improve social standards and welfare of citizens and increase a number of jobs," the document says.

The government forecasts that this program will help to remain the inflation rate within 5-6%, the budget deficit for 2013 at 3.2% of GDP. The rate of GDP redistribution through the consolidated budget will amount 29.5% this year, and the direct national debt will not exceed 30.6% of GDP.

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