Ukraine needs to develop and introduce new standards for road construction, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said after a visit to the National Transport University, the press service of the Cabinet reports.

"We need to develop new road construction standards to impose new requirements on construction companies at tenders. Developments of the Transport University allow to control the quality of construction and roadways," the head of the government said, adding that the National Transport University is already working on such standards.

According to him, the Cabinet intends to launch the production of all necessary materials and equipment for road construction at domestic enterprises.

"We need to create a base for road construction, including careers, asphalt plants, plants that enhance coverage, road-building machinery and control equipment. This is a serious big program," Azarov noted.

He added that the government will double the funding for road construction and repair in 2013.

At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers is also considering the introduction of automated systems to control the level of traffic congestion. "When we opened our borders, our roads were overloaded by a large flow of heavy vehicles, under which our roads were not designed. This has significantly damaged the roads. We need to provide such heavy vehicles with specific directions, to make these directions suitable for that purpose, and in all others - to restrict the movement of heavy vehicles," Azarov said.

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