The Verkhovna Rada must find a way to work constructively, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said during a meeting with journalists of Ukrainian TV channels, ForUm correspondent reports.

"I once again appeal to the political forces represented in the Parliament with a request to find an opportunity for constructive work," the Prime Minister said.

He noted that it is rather difficult to work in time of global financial and economic crisis without a working Parliament.
"That's why we make every effort to find a compromise. In general, destructive actions of the opposition parties cause your great concern. Do I see an opportunity to reach a compromise? Yes, I do. The calls of the opposition, including for dissolution of the Parliament, are totally unrealistic," Azarov said.

"The Ukrainian opposition forces declare themselves as pro-European. What European parties block the work of their Parliament and publicly call for uprising? Where are such political forces? Now Europe is in difficult economic situation. In some countries there are demonstrations against the policies of the current government. Opposition parties actively criticize the current government. There is an active political struggle, but it never goes beyond certain limits set by the centuries-old traditions," Azarov added.

The Prime Minister added that for the last month the government sent 34 extremely important bills to the Parliament.

"According to the Constitution, the significant part of the issues, determining the government's economic policy, shall be passed by the Parliament. Therefore, we are against the destructive work of certain political forces at a time when the country is facing serious economic difficulties. In these circumstances, it is absolutely unhelpful to engage in empty calls for something," he concluded.


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