The Central Election Commission shall be further formed on the professional principle, member of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Mykhailo Okhendovsky said in interview.

He recalled that the members of the CEC are appointed for seven years. Fourteen of the fifteen current members of the Commission were appointed on 1 June 2007.

"Accordingly, at the beginning of June 2014, we complete the term of office, and we won’t take part in the meetings of the Commission under any circumstances," he recalled.

Okhendovsky also noted that CEC members are nominated by the President and appointed by the Parliament. "In 2007, the membership was entirely formed on the basis of proposals of the parliamentary factions of the fifth convocation. My personal opinion is that this principle of the CEC formation has discredited itself, and should be rejected in the future," he said.

"Being nominated by parliamentary factions, the committee members may go to pains, stick to the oath, proving its apolitical and objective attitude, but the public will continue perceiving the commission as a political body. In 2007, under a political crisis, this approach could have been justified, but in the end inevitably led to the politicization of the nature of the CEC," the CEC member said.

"The law does not require strict partisan approach. It is rather an element of political practice. To continue observing it means to preserve the existing approach to the organization of elections in general, putting up with the low level of public confidence in their results," Okhendovsky summed up.


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