Reorganization of the Emergencies Ministry and the State Inspectorate of Technological Safety to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine will not lead to reduction or increase in number of employees of both departments, head of the State Service Mykhailo Bolotskikh said in interview.

"The budget is already approved and we treat all financial components with respect. We must understand that any increase in the number will increase costs. It is important to realize that the current number of lifeguards now is a reasonable and adequate figure for the proper performance of duties," he said.

Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine added that soon the restructuring process will complete. "I think next week we will complete the process of reforming the system and enter the stage of the staff appointment, and then the usual work will start. Prestige and a sense of pride in their profession will only grow as we are committed to our employees. We’ll do our best to provide staff of the central office and regional offices with social protection, all the necessary special equipment, technique, for them to perform their professional obligations and be optimistic about the future," Bolotskikh said.



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