Currently, there are no problems and delays in drawing up of foreign passports in Ukraine, the State Migration Service press office informs.

Since January 2, 2013, the State Service departments started to draw up passports of citizens of Ukraine for travelling abroad.

In late 2012, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine transferred al the functions related to drawing-up of foreign passports to the State Migration Service. In particular, all the necessary documentation and equipment was transferred, the staff was trained, etc.

In early January, there were single cases of small delays (up to 3 days) in the issuance of documents under the statements, filed before January 1, 2013, due to the process of transferring cases from the Interior Ministry to the State Migration Service.

"To date, migration departments receive applications for registration of documents for traveling abroad and issue passports under applications filed before January 1, 2013 to the Interior Ministry," the press service statement reads.

"As of January 15, 2013, there are no reasons for delays in drawing up of passports of citizens of Ukraine for traveling abroad," the statement says.


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