Wage arrears in Kyiv fell by three times this year, Kyiv prosecutor Mykola Beskyshky declared, the press service of the Kyiv Prosecutor's Office reported.

"Wage arrears in Kyiv were reduced by three times thanks to the better effectiveness of response through criminal law measures. Almost 112 million UAH (14 million dollar) were paid to people," the prosecutor said.

He also noted that in 2012 the prosecuting agencies in Kyiv opened 50 criminal cases on the non-payment of wages, of which 45 have already been sent to the courts. Administrative and disciplinary charges were brought against 130 officials for the violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

"At the request of the prosecutor's office in Kyiv, the charges were brought against 130 officials, including seven employees of the Territorial State Labour Inspectorate," Beskyshky said.

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