Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov regrets that the opposition is not willing to cooperate with the authorities after the elections.

Azarov said that he envied the fact that after the U.S. elections, the representatives of the Republican Party, whose candidate lost the presidential election, have been willing to cooperate with the successful representative of the Democrats Barack Obama and are ready to work together to address the economic problems.

"Unfortunately, in Ukraine, we can see the opposite. All those, who have recently told us that they would do their best for the people, forget about it after the elections, continuing confrontation. And we remain, as before, alone with our problems. I say this without regret, as I did not expect anything else, to be honest. I say this for the ordinary people: those, whom you voted for, will not help you. Do you understand this or not? There is no hope. This is the main conclusion to be drawn from these elections," Azarov said.

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