The Central Election Commission wanted the Verkhovna Rada to adopt a legislative solution, not two resolutions, deputy chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera told a briefing on November 6, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Legislative amendments (to the law on parliamentary elections- Ed.) were not made. The legislative decisions were not made. There are two resolutions of the Parliament. And I believe that each of them must be taken into consideration. But they, apparently, are the recommendation and the CEC is guided in its actions by the law only," he said.

According to the deputy chairman of the CEC, the Central Election Commission called on Parliament to adopt the legislative resolution of the issue.

In addition, Mahera said that the CEC shall determine the election results until November 12 and did not rule out that there can be no re-elections in case of failure of adopting relevant legislative decision regarding the troubled constituencies.

Under the current law, the CEC can establish election results on the basis of the protocols of the PECs, court’s rulings and a number of other documents. In addition, the law allows the CEC accept the responsibility of the DECs. However, Mahera highlighted that this option will only be used if all the methods of influence on the PEC are exhausted.

There is also the possibility of expanding the lists of the troubled constituencies.

The official added that holding of mid-term and re-elections is within the competence of the CEC.

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