The work on the legal framework should be continued to develop the regions of Ukraine, first deputy economic development and trade Minister Anatoly Maksyuta said during the National Forum "Sustainable Development of the Regions: Ukraine and the World", ForUm correspondent reports.

"Currently, the legislation in the field of regional development is quite perfect, but its practical application needs improving. Considerable attention should be given to the international experience, including regional policy of the European Union, as Ukraine is a European state," the official said.

He added that the European policy of regional development is based on the principle of the richer countries and regions showing solidarity with the poorer ones. According to him, "the decline in industrial production in the EU regions with the weaker economy and high unemployment is seen as a loss of potential and opportunities for the EU as a whole. The same principle is applicable in Ukraine".

According to Maksyuta, investment in modern infrastructure and innovation, better education and training of people in the "weaker" regions open new markets, expand the overall economic potential of a country or group of countries. "Implementing the regional policy in Ukraine should be guided by these principles, taking into account international experience. Some disparities are present in the development of the regions of our country, but they are not unique, in fact, similar differences exist in every country, including Europe," the official concluded.


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