The issue of financial literacy has always been in the focus of attention for the National Bank of Ukraine, director of the general department of the monetary policy of the NBU Elena Shcherbakova, the NBU official website informs.

According to Shcherbakova, people are the main investor. "Confidence of people in the banks is the element of financial literacy of citizens. So we're trying to talk, trying to educate people, trying to explain our policy," Shcherbakova said.

"We are working on the market with money, but our policy, our actions should be perceived by people as well, we should make our actions understandable for people," director of the NBU general department of the monetary policy said.

Shcherbakova stressed that all these points are laid in the basis of the concept of the financial literacy program for population.

"Thanks to the cooperation with international financial institutions, and with the Education and Science, Youth and Sports Ministry and the support of other financial regulators, our banking associations, we can say that this program is at the national level already," she said.

"We have many education institutions across the country, we have created a banking TV channel. This will be a key element of the impact on the adult population. I believe that we have all the channels, information space to do this and we will use them," Shcherbakova summed up.

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