Deputy Prime Minister, minister of social policy Serhiy Tihipko said that nothing threatens the stability of national currency, he told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reported.

"There are macroeconomics and macroeconomic indicators. If you look at the balance of payments for the last seven months, you will see that now it is better than last year," he said adding that there are no reasons to talk about the problems of hryvnia.

Tihipko said that exchange rate fluctuations were evoked by three problems. "First of all, for those who work in the currency market, it is often a problem when the USA has a day off, and it is not possible to buy a dollar. The second position is Lufthansa and the third position - politicians," Tihipko said.

The deputy Prime Minister also noted that the NBU will cope with this situation in 2-3 days. "I told you knowing tools of the NBU that it's a problem for the National Bank for 2-3 days. Yesterday at the end of the day, everything was stable, and today, everything will be stable too," he summed up.


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