Yesterday, on September 6, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the bill on the unified state demographic register, the Parliament’s press service informs.

250 deputies voted in favor of the decision.

The bill proposes to resolve creation and functioning of the unified state demographic register, its issuance, exchange, renewal, recovery, return to the state, the destruction of identity documents, proving citizenship or special status.

In addition, the register shall include such demographic information about a person: name and surname of a person, date of birth / death, place of birth, sex, date of introduction of information about a person in the register, information about parents (adoptive ), guardians, trustees and other representatives, information on citizenship or its absence and reason for acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine; details of the documents issued (type, document name, serial number, date of issue, name of the authorized person issuing the document, the validity of the document); information about the documents, confirming the death of the person; a digitized image of the person.

The project also proposes to introduce documents with electronic media biometric information for traveling abroad.


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