The experts predict a positive influence of simplified transferring foreign currency and precious metals by non-resident individuals across the Ukrainian border on the rate of hryvnia.

"Thanks to this innovation, the process of transferring currency exceeding 10 thousand EUR is simplified. You need only to declare the required amount while entering Ukraine. I think this will contribute to the further inflow of funds in the domestic foreign exchange market and will improve its market situation. The flow of funds from offshore for political projects is also simplified. Bypassing the political dimension, it can be said that hryvnia will be influenced positively," associated professor of the Hetman Kyiv National Economic University Nadiya Tsyganova believes.

Deputy director of the Institute of Innovative Entrepreneurship, associated professor of the Hetman Kyiv National Economic University Valentyna Lavrenenko also believes there will be a positive influence on hryvnia due to the abovementioned changes.
"The changes introduced, first, are to demonstrate that, when necessary, funds can easily be taken out of Ukraine. Second, the procedure will be simplified due to the elimination of bank certificates of cash withdrawing. Third, we can hope that this will stimulate the flow of foreign currency resources into Ukraine," the expert said.

According to her, apart from the stabilization effect on the rate of hryvnia, by such measures the state creates conditions for the money transferring into the country, their expenditure within its territory and depositing in banks.

In turn, researcher at the World Economy and International Economic Relations Department of the Shevchenko Kyiv National University Maryna Khmara stressed that the National Bank conducts the policy of stabilizing and strengthening the national currency competitiveness.


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