The working group, formed to amend the law on the national language policy, will hold one of the final meetings on August 28, adviser to the President of Ukraine Hanna Herman said.

"We are working out the amendments and changes to the law, which we will offer to the Cabinet for submission to the Parliament after consultations and discussion," she told a press conference in Lviv.

According to Herman, the character of the changes and their impact on the law will depend on the rate of public support for the Ukrainian language.

"As I said earlier, it is important to have the public support. The character of these changes, their importance and the influence of the changes on the law will depend on whether there is public support for the Ukrainian language. A handful even of the biggest names in the Ukrainian elite cannot do anything when there is no mass support," she said.

Responding the question about her attitude to the fact that the Prime Minister does not speak the national language, Herman said that the government should deal with the economy.

"The Prime Minister and the Cabinet must create jobs for people to have salaries and pensions, they must provide social protection and development of infrastructure ... I repeat - I do not care what language he speaks. I would care if the President did not know the Ukrainian language, because he is the calling card of the state, because he is the symbol of Ukraine. The Prime Minister is a workhorse, which should work for the economy development," she said.

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