Ukrainian foreign minister Kostyantyn Hryshchenko is sure that China becomes an important factor in ensuring energy independence of Ukraine.

"Considering all the unprecedented importance that Ukraine attaches to the European integration in its foreign policy, an increasingly important share of the resources that enables us to move towards the EU, we obtain thanks to the partnership with the new world's economic leaders: Turkey, Israel, Brazil , India, Vietnam, and especially with China," Hryshchenko wrote in his article, published in one of the Ukrainian periodicals.

He noted the growing role of China as one of the key economic partners of Ukraine, pointing out that only for six months of 2012, the trade turnover between Ukraine and China has increased by almost 20%.

According to Hryshchenko, the partnership with China is an important factor in weakening Ukraine's dependence on a single supplier. "The allocation of 3.66 billion UAH credit line by the China Development Bank for the implementation of substitution of the Russian gas with the Ukrainian gasified coal, along with the extensive involvement of the U.S. and European companies in the hydrocarbons production in our state will ensure the energy independence of Ukraine in the medium term. Without this independence we did not have complete freedom in our internal and foreign policy for all the previous years," the head of the Foreign Ministry emphasized.

The minister also said that the partnership with China helps Ukraine to solve strategic tasks of national development, including, in particular, attracting multi-billion investments in infrastructure renewal, job creation, modernization of high-tech enterprises and industries.

"The traditional EU - Russia - United States triangle, considering the importance of relations with each of its components, has yet become somewhat tight for Ukraine. Currently, we need accelerated modernization," foreign minister of Ukraine summed up in the article.

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