The frequent incidence of child is not a reason for sitting at home and not visiting the kindergarten, chief pediatric immunologist of Kyiv Fedir Lapiy told a press conference on topic "How to prepare child's immunity before school or kindergarten?" ForUm correspondent reports.

"The situation when a child at the age of four-five years is sick nearly twelve times a year is considered to be a norm. "If there is the eldest child in the family, the youngest is sick twice often. The eldest child will bring infection to home that he caught up in his group," he said.

"If your child does not go to the kindergarten this year, but will go the next year, then the situation will be the same. During the first years of life, the child acquires the immunity to viral infections that are transmitted from person to person," the chief pediatric immunologist said.

However, according to the doctor, this is not always negative factor, as some diseases are better to have being a child.


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