Emergencies Ministry of Ukraine has expressed concern over the absence of sufficient number of facilities to keep nuclear waste on the territory of the country.

"The question with disposal of nuclear waste on the territory of Ukraine has not been settled. According to the legislation of Ukraine, such waste must be kept in deep, stable faculties, which we do not have," acting chairman of the State agency on alienation zone Dmytro Bobro told a press conference.

The official noted that Ukraine would have to pay Russia for disposal of its nuclear waste until such storages were built.

For the moment, the nuclear waste from Ukrainian NPPs goes to Russia for temporary storage and further recycling. The costs for similar works grow continuously. For the period of 2001-2011, the costs grew by 3.4 times.

In addition, starting from 2013 Ukraine will have to recollect from Russia the radioactive waste of processed fuel of Ukrainian NPPs for storage and further disposal.


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