In June, the population of Ukraine decreased by 0.01% or by 3.9 thousand persons compared to May, and on July 1, it amounted to 45.562 thousand people, the State Statistics Service reported.

On July 1, the urban population totaled 31 327.3 thousand people that is by 0.04% or by 13.5 thousand persons less compared with June 1, the rural population numbered 14 234.7 thousand people, which is by 0.07%, or by 9.6 thousand persons more compared with the previous month.

According to the State Statistics Service, in May, the population of Ukraine decreased by 0.02% or by 7.7 thousand persons compared to April, and on June 1, it amounted to 45 565.9 thousand people.

In 2011, the population of Ukraine fell by 0.3% or by 144.9 thousand people.

According to the All-Ukrainian population census, conducted in December 2001, a number of population totaled 48 415.5 thousand people, including 32.538 thousand of the urban population and 15 877.5 thousand of rural.


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