The voice of the speaker, announcing the Kyiv metro station names in English will be removed, head of the Kyiv Metropolitan Volodymyr Fedorenko told a press conference.
"We made a little pause after the end of Euro 2012 in order to understand how metro passengers treat English dubbing. Considering the general view, we will remove it," Fedorenko said.

Responding the question about the quality of dubbing, Fedorenko said that it was not so easy, "because majority of Kyiv residents know English a little and expressed varios opinions on this matter."

Fedorenko said that the English text was voiced by the professional speaker, who worked for the U.S. television. "During the Euro, we asked the foreigners - how they perceive our dubbing in the English language? No one had any comments, it is important for us. And Kyiv residents have Ukrainian dubbing," he added.


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