The Central Election Commission approved the technical design specification to create the "Video monitoring" information-telecommunication system during holding of the parliamentary elections. One of the tasks provides for ensuring not less than 15 thousand simultaneous reviews for each camera.

The technical design specification defines the basic principles and technologies of design, regulates the basic design solutions and contains requirements that will allow implementing the components of the system in efficient and effective way.

According to the document, the system must cover all 32.192 ordinary polling stations in Ukraine.
The objects of monitoring are: the places, where the ballots are given and the voter lists are examined, the places of final meeting of the PEC (camera 1), as well as stationary ballot boxes (camera 2).

Each camera must show the date and time of filming.

The specification also provides for a device for recording and transmission of video, ensuring video recording during at least 120 hours from each camera

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