Currently, 2435 officially recognized refugees from 47 countries of the world live in Ukraine, ForUm learned from the State Migration Service of Ukraine press office.

"In the first half year 2012, 828 foreigners applied to the units of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, asking recognize them as refugees or persons in need of protection. Over the last year, after the law of Ukraine on refugees and persons in need of additional or temporary protection entered into force, 37 foreigners were recognized to be in need of additional protection," the report says.
The Service officials also stressed that within the international project "Regional program for the protection of refugees - "Phase-II", the European Union allocated 1.5 million EUR to help Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Of this sum, 0.5 million were allocated to solve the problems of refugees in Ukraine. Funding for the program will continue until December 2013.

The program provides for the funding for a national network of lawyers who will ensure the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Ukraine, the repair of temporary accommodation for refugees, the provision of interpreters, language courses for asylum seekers and support of employment programs for migrants. In particular, it provides for assistance in certification of diplomas and cash grants for setting up business in Ukraine.

The State Migration Service press office also reported that under the auspices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), on August 9, 2012, Lviv hosted the meeting of the National Steering Committee for the project in Ukraine with the participation of the specialists from the UNHCR, the European Union Mission in Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration, as well as the representatives of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the State Border Service of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Commissioner on the implementation of the national preventive mechanism. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of human rights NGOs from different regions of Ukraine.

The main topic of discussion was the coordination of state and public bodies working with refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine.

The European experts pointed out the progress in understanding the importance of integration processes by Ukrainian institutions. However, they recognize a number of problems, which need to be solved.


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