President of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine Valeriy Borzov believes that unfair refereeing can lead to decrease of interest in the Olympic Games in the future, he told ForUm, commenting on reconsideration of results of Olympics competitions not in favor of Ukrainian team, ForUm correspondent reports.

"It's a shame that on such a light sports event like the Olympics, referees allow suspecting them of injustice. Although there were few protests from the CIS countries, none of them is yet satisfied, despite the arguments. This weakens the positive impression of the Games, and in the future, such an approach can reduce the interest in them on a global scale," Borzov said.

"It is not interesting when there are "right" countries and all the rest. We will repeatedly raise this issue after the Olympics, because if not to combat violations, their number will keep growing," he stressed.

In turn, the head coach of the handball Ukrainian national team Leonid Ratner said that Ukraine needs to enhance its authority in all spheres.

"I, as a coach, always come across such a biased attitude towards us at the Olympic Games. But it is impossible to say that this year we suffered from biased attitude in all cases. No one is going to help us and forgive something. Such an atmosphere is felt during all the years of the Ukrainian independence. To emerge from this situation, the country should have the authority. We must fight and not to compromise. Strong people are welcomed always and everywhere," Ratner summed up.

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