The climate of Ukraine is gradually changing, approaching subtropical climate, and will resemble the climate of Greece, the director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Mykola Kulbida told a press briefing.

"Since the early 80s, and until this year we have a fairly rapid upward trend of annual temperature of air," he said.

According to Kulbida, the most pronounced warming is seen in Ukraine during the cold period.
"Each additional degree will cause an increase in the number of days with temperatures 35 degrees or more, resulting in a more arid nature of the weather conditions," he explained.

Kulbida also noted that even a tendency of increase in the amount of precipitations in Ukraine "will not help, because they are mainly of storm and fast evaporable nature."

"As for climatic zones, Ukraine, especially its steppe part, is gradually approaching the dry subtropics, such as Greece has," Kulbida stated.

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