The first issue of foreign currency treasury bills for individuals, the Finance Ministry plans to issue soon, will have 2 years maturity. The accrued interest will be paid every six months, the head of the NBU Department of banking supervision Oleksiy Tkachenko said in the interview with Bank-TV channel.

"Treasury bills will have four tear-off coupons, which people can exchange for accrued interest during the payout period, coming to any branch of the Oschadbank," the banker said.
At the same time, he said, the buyer will benefit from the fact that the difference between repurchasing price and selling price will be not more than 1%.

"So even if a person needs to sell securities before payout period, in fact, he won’t receive only 1%. Provided that the minimum will be 8%, he still receives 7% per annum. In addition, the banks provides for a reduced interest rate for early termination of the deposit," Tkachenko reminded.
"At any time you can go to any branch of Oschadbank and sell bills. Moreover, this tool can be used as collateral when origination a loan," he said.



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