Today, July 30, the election campaign officially starts in Ukraine. For ordinary citizens it means the time has come to earn some money. ForUm has found out how and where.

An observer or member of election commission

In this case, you won't earn much, though you'll be able to exercise you citizenship - to follow and control the election process in person.

To become an observer, one should apply to the district commission at place of residence and offer his services - the enrolment starts in September of this year.

Members of regional and district election commissions are appointed by candidates and number no more than 10 people. Three members work for state salary, while others serve on a voluntary basis.

As ForUm learned from the deputy head of the CEC planning and financing department Oleksiy Osadchuk, the CEC is preparing an amendment to the Cabinet's resolution on monthly salary for commissions' members. If the amendment is adopted before the parliamentary elections, a commission member will gain up to 2000 hryvnias per month.

The election commissions mostly need accountants, lawyers and operators. According to Osadchuk, among the applicants there are mostly pensioners and students. Students apply to work with computers, while pensioners prefer accounts. To be hired as a lawyer, one should have appropriate experience.

Apart from the work at the commission's premises, the volunteers can be charged with carrier's job - to bring a ballot box here and there.

Electioneerer in a tent

It's not difficult to find this kind of job. One just needs to find a coordinator's number on internet and register. Requirements for the job are minimal - passport copy and sometimes a copy of the ID number for coordinators to verify you are a real person.

The electioneerer's job is to give out leaflets and explain the party's policy. At the same time, it does not matter if you know politics or not.

"You don't have to deliver a speech to all passersby. Just learn main points of the program and retell them," a woman explained us when we called to 'apply' for the job.  

An electioneerer works eight hours, and apart from giving out leaflets and billposting may be called to participate in campaign rally.

Having called several numbers ForUm ahs learned that average payment for this job is 120 hryvnias per day. If electioneerers have to work in regions, the transportation, food and accommodations are free of charge.

Almost all coordinators have assured us the payment will be delivered daily. Moreover, they have promised to select a district for work closer to home.

However, sometimes there are special requirements. For example, in one place we've been told they take only men.

The interesting thing is that an applicant for electioneerer is not told what candidate he is supposed to work for. Coordinators say they do not know themselves - the information will be available after the official start of the election campaign. However, there are online offers to work as an electioneerer for a specific candidate.

Participants of campaign rally

For this kind of work, one can gain 200 hryvnias for 8 hours of participating. There is always a demand for participants in various rallies, but during the election campaigns the demand is especially high. Having called several numbers ForUm has learned that the work at a campaign rally lasts about two months, and payment is delivered daily. Some coordinators have told us the names of candidates or parties to work for, others have said it will be known after July 30. The requirements are minimal as well - a passport copy with residence page.

One the coordinators has failed to give the details. "Somewhere in the center. I don't know much myself. I was told to collect 30 people one week ahead, so I am collecting."

The interesting thing is that the majority of coordinators guarantees safety and assures that the rallies have been agreed with the local authorities, but again take only men.

Social surveys and exit polls

This kind of work is not openly available for ordinary citizens and does not bring much earning.

As ForUm learned from Volodymyr Paniotto, sociologist and director of the Kyiv international sociology institute, the volunteers for social surveys and exit polls are paid minimal salary. Besides, only professional pollster can do this job. During the election campaigns, when the demand is high, the professionals can invite assistants and teach them. Usually, there are three pollsters working by turn at one voting station - one takes interviews, the second counts people and the third takes a pause. Due to the working schedule, it is hard to earn big money.

In addition, according to Volodymyr Paniotto, the voting stations prefer not to take students for this kind of work, as students get annoyed with the job very fast and start cutting corners.

Work in internet

There are no open offers for this kind of work, but if you are determined, you can find a job on moderating social networks, running a blog or posting necessary comments. On various website it is possible to find offers from sociological firms on participation in sociological web panels.
As the investigation shows almost any person can find a temporary job during the election campaign. The most available and well-paid jobs are those as electioneerers or participants of the campaign rallies. Hence, those who want to earn some quick money or execute their citizenship have plenty of choice. Think, compare, dare!

Anastasia Pika


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