The Italian Embassy in Ukraine reports that the Embassy Visa Department continues receiving and elaborating direct requests for applications for all visa types according to the schedule of appointments, as ForUm learned from the message posted on the official website of the Embassy.

"As for the VMS (Visa Management Service) society authorized as the outsourcing to receive requests for Italian visa, we report that due to the fact that number of Italian Tourist visa requests has increased drastically recently and has reached its peak in the last few weeks, the application of documents for this visa type in VMS can be appointed less timely and for longer time period compared to the usual application dates. The applicants were warned in time and recommended to apply in VMS in advance regarding the departure date. The Italian Embassy in Kyiv and the VMS society are both working on evading the untimely service for Ukrainian applicants," the statement says.

For information regarding tourist visa please call (044)2203200.

But, unfortunately, ForUm failed to communicate with the operator. The answering machine strongly advised the ForUm corresponder to use the website of the Embassy Visa Department to schedule an appointment.

ForUm also tried to register at the website of the Embassy Visa Department of Italy in Kyiv. The application is registered, but the interview dates are all occupied till August 20, 2012. But it’s not only the problem of the Italian Embassy. The first free date in the Embassy of France is on August 14, in the Embassy of Poland on July 25.

But the visa application to Spain and Germany may be easily filed tomorrow on July 20.

The head of the Institute of Ukrainian politics Kost Bondarenko explained ForUm that we should not look for politics in this event.

"It's a matter of not only the Italian Embassy. The same thing has happened to the Embassies of France and Poland. This is a seasonal factor. In this situation we are talking about the overwork of the consulate, the labour scarcity, the capacity to prepare all the documents. If there were another reasons the sanctions would be imposed on business and officials. And we are talking only about the tourist visas. And this is a temporary phenomenon. In addition, the Foreign Ministry says that the visas continue to be issued," he said.

The expert on international affairs Oleksandr Paly agrees with Bondarenko. "It is unlikely that there is the anti-Ukrainian policy. If Italy has any ulterior motive, they would more likely concern the restricted access to the tourist visas for migrant workers or the strong interest in attracting tourists from the USA, Japan and Canada," he added.


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