The ruling party and the opposition forces won’t succeed in increasing their ratings by attracting the voters of such projects as "Ukraine – go ahead!" headed by Natalya Korolevska and "Udar" headed by Vitali Klitschko, since these parties are gradually filling the gap for the voters, who have not found their position yet by offering them an alternative to the "power - the opposition" dichotomy, the political expert Volodymyr Tsybulko said.

"The growth in popularity of the "Ukraine – go ahead!" party in no way is associated with the outflow of votes from the ruling or opposition parties. Thus, deliberate fight against Korolevska will not lead to electoral consequences. The party of Korolevska is a response to the unrealized aspirations of the voters seeking for the political alternative. The voters of the Korolevska party, as well as voters of Klitschko are people who would not vote for the united opposition or the pro-government politicians in any way," the political consultant said.

At the same time, according to Tsybulko, the united opposition will make the criticism of Korolevska and Klitschko parties one of the cornerstones of its campaign.

"It seems that the opposition does not have many mechanisms to conduct their political communication. In addition to the far-fetched overall criticism of the "anti-people regime", the united opposition is expected to strike at the Korolevska and Klitschko parties, if not to attract their voters, then at least to increase the motivation of its own voters. At the same time, this tactic may have the opposite effect, when the advantage of a political alternative will be enhanced by the destructive activity of the opposition," the expert said.



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