The main source of rabies in Ukraine is the wild animals, the head of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, the chief state veterinary inspector of Ukraine Volodymyr Horzheev said, as ForUm reports.

"If earlier there were just dogs spreading rabies known as "the urban rabies", so now 28 species of wild animals, including wolves, foxes, raccoons and even bats cause the spread of this disease," he said.

Horzheev said that last year there were six cases of rabies infection among people registered in Ukraine, while in 2010 there were only three.

According to the head of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, as of today the rabies are registered in 113 countries around the world, and every year 55 thousand people die because of this disease.

"The problem of rabies relates not only to Ukraine," he stressed.

Horzheev recalled that 20 years ago the rabies problem was extremely acute in Western Europe, but thanks to vaccination campaigns of wild animals the spread of the virus was contained.

"Ukraine has adopted this experience, and the special services now scatter the vaccine over the forests from the planes and helicopters," he said.

The chief state veterinary inspector complained that due to lack of funding the immunization program had to be cut from 16 to 6 areas.

"Now the vaccine for wild animals is scattered mainly in the east of Ukraine," Horzheev said.

He reminded that all pets are vaccinated against rabies by means of the state.


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