The focus on the pre-elections political confrontation not only slows down the reforms, but produces negative attitude towards them, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Kluyiev said, commenting on the results of a survey among the businessmen conducted by the European Business Association in the second quarter of 2012, ForUm learned from the NSDCU press service.

According to him, under such circumstances, even those reforms that will lead to positive results, are perceived negatively at first.

"Any reform leads to certain difficulties, especially if the reforms are rather large-scale, as those currently conducted in Ukraine, - Klyuyiev said. - In many fields, we simply rewrite the laws anew, being guided by the best international standards and local practices. These aspects do not always mix well with each other. Moreover, considering the peculiarities of Ukrainian realities, such as corruption on the one hand, and the desire of business to cheat the state in order to maximize its profits on the other hand, the legislative changes are sometimes unconsciously aimed at strengthening state regulation. Although, the goal is somewhat different - to reduce the pressure on the business and create the most competitive environment," the Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine said.

In his view, such phenomena as corruption was inherited from the Soviet era and is almost ingrained in the minds of our people, so it is difficult to eradicate quickly. This may take several generations, Klyuyiev said.

However, according to the Ukraine's Security Council secretary, before the election campaign the political issues and confrontations often come to the fore, while economic issues and economic security rank secondary and even third positions. Disruptions in the work of the law-making body of the state lead to blocking the adoption of important decisions for economy and, in particular, for improving its investment climate. Another bad result is hasty and ill-considered adoption of the documents. In his opinion, this is unacceptable: the speed should never be more important than the quality of reforms.

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