The European Union is not interested in a break in relations with Ukraine and stands for a constant dialogue, the deputy head of the EU representative office in Ukraine Maria Yurikova said at the meeting of the working group on the project "National Convention of Ukraine regarding the EU."

"The EU does not agree with us about the breaks. We consider it necessary to confirm a constant dialogue with Ukraine," she said.

According to Yurikova, the EU has a lot of plans and ambitions toward Ukraine.

She noted that the EU and Ukraine could have already initialed the association agreement in March, now the study of the approved documents is continuing.

According to the official, the agreement developing on the free trade area between Ukraine and the EU is almost completed, the coordination of initialing of this document is currently going on.

Yurikova stressed that the EU needs visible actions performed by Ukraine, in particular the holding of fair elections with no further legal challenges of the results and the political will of the country to sign the agreement.

In addition, she drew attention to the cooperation potential between Ukraine and the EU in the field of education, support of the civil society, environmental protection and transport.


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