In summer, men are recommended to reduce alcohol consumption twofold, the chief dietarian of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine Oleh Shvets told the press conference "How to have a rest and not to harm health: doctors' advice", ForUm correspondent reports.

He said that alcohol consumption by women should be limited even more.

According to the dietarian, 30% of tourists faced with such a disease such as diarrhea of travelers.
"It’s nothing serious, but in such cases it is better to seek medical advice," the doctor recommends.
To protect themselves against intestinal infections, it is necessary to carry out five basic rules, recommended by the WHO.

In particular, it is necessary to ensure the purity of food and beverages, to carefully separate the cooked products from raw, to consume meat and fish in the thermal processing, to store prepared meals in the refrigerator for a minimum period and to be extremely careful not to consume already spoilt products.

"In the hot season it is recommended to limit consumption of foods containing salt and saturated fats," Shvets said.

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