Ukraine and Russian have agreed the purchase order for Russian natural gas for 2013, energy and coal minister of Ukraine Yuri Boiko told journalists.

Speaking about the order's volumes the minister specified that Ukraine may buy even less than declared before - 27 billion cu meters.

Earlier Boiko declared that already in 2012 Ukraine will buy less gas than stipulated in Gazprom-Naftogaz contract. In June the balance of gas income and distribution for 2012 was approved, according to which Ukraine plans to buy 27 billion cubic metres of gas by the end of the year.

Gazprom doubted Ukraine could stick to the declared amount, saying Ukraine might siphon off the gas, intended for Europe. General Director of national energy security fund Konstantyn Symonov said that the Ukrainian delay in pumping Russian gas into its underground reservoirs in winter can cause a new "gas war".

As a reminder, on May 25, the minister for fuel and energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said that Ukraine takes a principled position in the gas negotiations with Russia and does not intend to give in the national interests.

In January-March 2012 period Ukraine reduced the gas imports from Russia by 2.1 times compared to the same period in 2011 to 8.547 billion cubic metres.

On January 11 the minister for fuel and energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said that in 2012 Ukraine would reduce the Russian gas purchase in half.


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