Each year about 500,000 patients with incurable diseases need the palliative care, the chairman of the State Drug Control Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Tymoshenko said, as ForUm correspondent reports.

"Only 10% of them have access to adequate pain relief. Most such patients die in agony, suffering from the chronic pain, because they can not get the adequate anesthesia," he said, adding that relatives of these patients often have to apply to drug dealers for help.

According to him, there is a particular problem in countryside where pharmacies are not licensed to work with drugs.

"The patients' relatives have to go hundreds of miles every two days, as a patient must receive the necessary anesthetic once in three days," Tymoshenko said.

The State Service chairman has expressed the hope that new Cabinet resolution would change the principles of providing the palliative care to patients with the incurable diseases and limited life expectancy.

"It is important to introduce an alternative pain medication. Only injection anesthesia is possible today, while in the whole world there is special tablet morphine or patches," he explained.

"The tablet morphine allowance will not effect on drug situation in Ukraine, moreover this drug has only anesthetic effect," he concluded.


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