Crimea needs to restore and develop the irrigation system using the latest modern energy saving technologies, PM of Crimean parliament Anatoly Mohyliov said in air of state TV and radio company "Crimea".

"Our task is to restore and develop the irrigation system in Crimea and to do it in the least energy consumable way possible. In my opinion this is the only development prospect for Crimea," the official said.

According to Mohyliov, the worn-out state of the water pumping system and complicated geological position of Crimea result in price rise for irrigation water. Consequently, it leads to price rise for Crimean production. In this respect the government of Crimea has decided to solve the problem at the state level and to compensate the producers the difference in irrigation tariffs. "The budget must support the producers. They create working places for Crimean citizens and producer production, realization of which brings tax revenues to the budget. We want our agricultural sector to develop," he said.

Mohyliov pointed out that along with the tourism sector the agricultural industry is one of the keys for successful economic development. In this respect the government of Crimea provides farmers, breeding cattle, with subsidies and implements the program of financial support of the agricultural sector, reducing interest rates for bank loans. "If agriculture lives the country lives," the official added.


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