Ukrainian court has sentenced two citizens of North Korea, Ryu Seongcheol and Li Thekil, to eight years of imprisonment for attempts to get access to secret state documents and steal information on the latest researches, 'Segodnya' newspaper reports referring to the State Prosecutor's Office. 

"Having arrived in Dnipropetrovsk from Minsk, two representatives of a Korean trade representative office tried to recruit an official of the state construction bureau "Yuzhnoye". The Koreans were interested in secret data on equipment of rocket and space machinery, namely fuel system of flying objects," an official of the State Prosecutor's Office told the newspaper.

The official of the bureau contacted the Security Service of Ukraine, which immediately worked out an operation to expose the spies. SBU organized the so-called 'controlled delivery' in one of the Dnipropetrovsk garages. The spies were arrested red-handed, when they were copying 'top secret' doctorate theses. The scientific researches are dedicated to new advanced technologies of missiles complexes, space crafts, liquid-fueled engines, fuel delivery systems and other know-how.
SBU does not give official comments on the case.

There are reports that the trial over the spies was held with violations, hence the convicted would probably file an appeal. There are also reports that the convicted would also appeal to court to serve the sentence in the country of origin. However, Ukraine and North Korea do not have agreements on mutual legal cooperation.


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