The Parliament of Ukraine postponed until June 20 the consideration of the issue on amending the Constitution regarding the abolition of immunity of the President, MPs and judges. 404 out of 423 MPs registered in the session hall have voted in favor of such decision.

In particular, today's session of the Parliament discussed inclusion in the agenda of the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding immunity) by the Deputy Speaker of the parliament Mykola Tomenko.

It was decided not to vote today for inclusion in the agenda of this document and to send it to the relevant committee for preparing a conclusion on this draft law by June 20.

As Tomenko noted before the voting, the draft law is aimed at the abolition of immunity not only for MPs, but the President and judges as well.

He noted that the law should be the same for everyone and that "the President and judges should not be an untouchable caste." Tomenko assured that the introduction of this issue by the opposition is not a pre-election move, since this problem has been considered more than once.

At the same time he noted that the decision of the Constitutional Court on the alleged illegality of the abolition of immunity of the President and judges was biased. "Today we do not have to constantly appeal to the biased and political decision of the Constitutional Court," Tomenko said.

Tomenko also added that today the Parliament should apply to the Constitutional Court and declare that in Ukraine, where the majority of citizens do not trust the President, MPs and judges, the immunity has to be abolished. "If we do not take this step, there will be no respect for authorities," the Deputy Speaker said.


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