According to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Anatoly Mohylev, the draft law on the principles of the national language policy passed by the Parliament of Ukraine as a basis is progressive and important for multinational Crimea.

“In my point of view the passing of this draft law as a basis is a great achievement. It is of especial current interest for Crimea, where the representatives of different nationalities reside,” the Head of the Autonomy underlined.

Mohylev noted that this draft law is a compromise and will fully protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities. "Every citizen must exercise his civil rights and freedoms the language he thinks in. In Crimea, the Russian language is the language of interethnic communication. The Crimean Tatars living here have the right not only to speak but also to apply to public authorities in their native language," the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea said.
Mohylev considers that the draft law fully responds to the European policy on languages. "There are states in Europe and the whole world in general where there is more than one national language. Therefore, this law is progressive and, hopefully, will be adopted in the second reading in the nearest future," he concluded.


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